Choosing the best window treatments is no easy task.


If you live in a humid area, your window coverings need to be durable. They should last long enough for you to change your decor before they fail.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are among the most durable. Metal blinds are also excellent for humid areas. This is because they are water-resistant. However, roller blinds are not ideal for these areas because they are not as resistant. There are many options for a high-quality, durable blind. But which one is right for you?

Slatted Blinds

In the 1700s, slatted blinds began to appear along the trading routes between Europe and the Middle East. When these traders returned to Venice, they brought the blinds back with them.

Faux wood

Faux wood is another great option for high moisture rooms. These are made from a synthetic material that is more moisture-resistant than natural wood. You can find a variety of faux wood blinds with different operating systems.


PVC (Poly-vinyl chloride) is a thermoplastic that is fire-resistant. It is also highly durable, making it a good choice for high-traffic areas.


Aluminium is also a strong, reliable option. The best part is that it won't rust. In addition, it will maintain its color and aesthetic appeal for years.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds can be hard to keep clean, but they are a durable, natural product. If you have pets, they might snap the slats.


A high-quality, made-to-measure blind should last for about ten years. However, some may not last that long. Therefore, it is important to check out your options before you buy.

durable blind

A high-quality, durable blind is the best way to ensure that your window coverings last for years. Make sure you check out all your options and consider how your home will use your new window treatment.

Lastly, look for a company that can create custom-fitted products for your specific needs. This will help you to get a blind that fits your windows and offers the style you want.

Add Beauty

If you are looking for a way to add beauty and functionality to your windows, then Venetian blinds are the answer. These elegant, stylish shades can be customized to fit any window. They come in a variety of different materials and styles.