Lost Odyssey Game for the Xbox 360 Game Console

Final Fantasy is considered to be one of the hallmarks of the RPG genre but after Final Fantasy XII, the franchise went downhill.

Square Enix, the company that’s been releasing Final Fantasy games, is busy with the new Final Fantasy XV, which will hopefully revitalize RPG gamer’s gusto for the genre.

Back in the day, Final Fantasy XIII didn’t live up to everyone’s expectations at all. It was more of an eye candy as opposed to a compelling game, one that Final Fantasy should have been in the first place.

Because of this, a game developer and story writer who was originally working on previous Final Fantasy games brought it upon himself to create a game that will hopefully be one of the best RPG games for the Xbox 360 game console.

Today, I am going to talk about Lost Odyssey. This game was created by Mistwalker studios and the story was written by none other than Hirobu Sakaguchi, who was one of the main story writers of previous Final Fantasy games. He also contributed to the game’s development as well.

The game is set in a place where magic and industrial elements are abundant. The city is using what the game calls as the “Magic Engines” which is pretty much their power source for everything in the place, including the cars, the lighting, and their communication lines.

The story revolves around Kaim who is an immortal, but he has shady memories of his past. He must go on a journey to allow him to somehow remember his past and to also look for other immortals as well.

There are two rival nations: the Republic of Uhra and the Kingdom of Gohtza. The former is building a very big and powerful magic engine which they call as the “Grand Staff” and the latter is doing magic research and is one the highly industrialized kingdoms as well.

After such time, the immortals, including Kaim, met each other and all of them regained their memories. Apparently, the immortals were assigned to be the watchers and protectors of a parallel universe.

After gaining their memories and seeing how the Grand Staff will be used for evil, Kaim and his party members are in a pursuit to stop and destroy the Grand Staff.

The Lost Odyssey is an Xbox 360 game console title that follows the traditional roots of RPG games. This game has a turn-based battle system and you can bring up to 5 characters in the battle at any time.

Every game is unique not only in plot but also in its game mechanics. What the Lost Odyssey brings to the table is their unique ring system.

The game calls this as the “Aim Ring System” and it is actually simple to understand. Every enemy has an element attribute. During any battle, you can replace any ring that has elemental properties to counter what the enemy’s elemental affinity is.

For example, if the enemy has a wind element affinity, you can equip a ring that has a fire element to it for more damage.

Another interesting game mechanic is the mortal and immortal system. In the game, you will party up with mortals and immortals.

The mortals have their skills and they can level up just like any other RPG game out there. The immortals, on the other hand, don’t level up and they don’t have skills with them.

In order for them to be potent in battle, the immortals have to “Link” themselves with a mortal to give him attributes as well as skills. Furthermore, immortals can also learn skills from rings that give certain ability traits.

The Lost Odyssey is one of the best RPG games and it is surprising to see that this game was released for the Xbox 360 game console.