Hanwha SNP-6321 IP Cameras

If you’re shopping for IP cameras, the best thing I can recommend to you is the PTZ IP camera. PTZ stands for “Pan, Tilt, and Zoom” and it is the only type of IP camera that can do all three of those.

Today, I am going to talk about the Hanwha SNP-6321 IP Camera. This IP camera is made in part by Samsung.

Anyway, the Hanwha SNP-6321 IP Camera is a rather inexpensive solution if you’re looking for IP cameras.

Now, back to my point earlier, why do I recommend PTZ cameras among other types of IP cameras out on the market?

Aside from its ability to Pan, Tilt, and Zoom, PTZ cameras are usually encased in a dome which is perfect for outdoor installations.

This is so that it is protected against harmful elements such as rain, dust, and other hazardous elements.

Furthermore, the dome is usually smoked in black which makes it hard for bad people to know where the camera is looking at right now.

Now for the specifications. The Hanwha SNP-6321 IP Camera is capable of delivering 1080p resolution videos thanks to its 2-megapixel camera.

It also has a wide aspect ratio of 16:9, perfect for wide angle viewing. It also has the smart codec enabled which allows you to control which resolution of the video you’re going to have the IP camera default to.

If you want, you can default it to 1080p for higher resolution footage or you can default it to a lower resolution so that you can store more footage.

Speaking of storage, the Hanwha SNP-6321 IP Camera can also support microSDXC cards of up to 128GB of storage. This is so that the IP camera can relay data directly on the card and not on an NVR (although an NVR is the default option).

Unfortunately, the Hanwha SNP-6321 IP Camera doesn’t come with an easy to use app that allows you to install the IP camera with ease.

You have to install the IP camera and then you have to tinker with its settings using a computer. But, that shouldn’t be a problem since the camera’s software is easy intuitive and easy to understand.

Other great features of the Hanwha SNP-6321 IP Camera include a better motion detection sensor that has a range of 25 feet, multi-streaming which allows you to tweak the camera to record at a lower resolution for more storage, a tamper detection module in that whenever its settings are tweaked without your permission, you will be notified by email, intelligent video analysis where it analyzes events in specified conditions from the camera’s input, and a whole lot more.

Everything you need to install the Hanwha SNP-6321 IP Camera is already included in the package. It does come with a software installer disc but I recommend downloading the latest one from their website.

The Hanwha SNP-6321 IP Camera offers impressive features for the price of only $70. If you’re looking to buy an IP camera soon, the Hanwha SNP-6321 IP Camera is a great choice.