Hanwha SNP-6321 IP Cameras

If you’re shopping for IP cameras, the best thing I can recommend to you is the PTZ IP camera. PTZ stands for “Pan, Tilt, and Zoom” and it is the only type of IP camera that can do all three of those.

Today, I am going to talk about the Hanwha SNP-6321 IP Camera. This IP camera is made in part by Samsung.

Anyway, the Hanwha SNP-6321 IP Camera is a rather inexpensive solution if you’re looking for IP cameras.

Now, back to my point earlier, why do I recommend PTZ cameras among other types of IP cameras out on the market?

Aside from its ability to Pan, Tilt, and Zoom, PTZ cameras are usually encased in a dome which is perfect for outdoor installations.

This is so that it is protected against harmful elements such as rain, dust, and other hazardous elements.

Furthermore, the dome is usually smoked in black which makes it hard for bad people to know where the camera is looking at right now.

Now for the specifications. The Hanwha SNP-6321 IP Camera is capable of delivering 1080p resolution videos thanks to its 2-megapixel camera.

It also has a wide aspect ratio of 16:9, perfect for wide angle viewing. It also has the smart codec enabled which allows you to control which resolution of the video you’re going to have the IP camera default to.

If you want, you can default it to 1080p for higher resolution footage or you can default it to a lower resolution so that you can store more footage.

Speaking of storage, the Hanwha SNP-6321 IP Camera can also support microSDXC cards of up to 128GB of storage. This is so that the IP camera can relay data directly on the card and not on an NVR (although an NVR is the default option).

Unfortunately, the Hanwha SNP-6321 IP Camera doesn’t come with an easy to use app that allows you to install the IP camera with ease.

You have to install the IP camera and then you have to tinker with its settings using a computer. But, that shouldn’t be a problem since the camera’s software is easy intuitive and easy to understand.

Other great features of the Hanwha SNP-6321 IP Camera include a better motion detection sensor that has a range of 25 feet, multi-streaming which allows you to tweak the camera to record at a lower resolution for more storage, a tamper detection module in that whenever its settings are tweaked without your permission, you will be notified by email, intelligent video analysis where it analyzes events in specified conditions from the camera’s input, and a whole lot more.

Everything you need to install the Hanwha SNP-6321 IP Camera is already included in the package. It does come with a software installer disc but I recommend downloading the latest one from their website.

The Hanwha SNP-6321 IP Camera offers impressive features for the price of only $70. If you’re looking to buy an IP camera soon, the Hanwha SNP-6321 IP Camera is a great choice.

Lost Odyssey Game for the Xbox 360 Game Console

Final Fantasy is considered to be one of the hallmarks of the RPG genre but after Final Fantasy XII, the franchise went downhill.

Square Enix, the company that’s been releasing Final Fantasy games, is busy with the new Final Fantasy XV, which will hopefully revitalize RPG gamer’s gusto for the genre.

Back in the day, Final Fantasy XIII didn’t live up to everyone’s expectations at all. It was more of an eye candy as opposed to a compelling game, one that Final Fantasy should have been in the first place.

Because of this, a game developer and story writer who was originally working on previous Final Fantasy games brought it upon himself to create a game that will hopefully be one of the best RPG games for the Xbox 360 game console.

Today, I am going to talk about Lost Odyssey. This game was created by Mistwalker studios and the story was written by none other than Hirobu Sakaguchi, who was one of the main story writers of previous Final Fantasy games. He also contributed to the game’s development as well.

The game is set in a place where magic and industrial elements are abundant. The city is using what the game calls as the “Magic Engines” which is pretty much their power source for everything in the place, including the cars, the lighting, and their communication lines.

The story revolves around Kaim who is an immortal, but he has shady memories of his past. He must go on a journey to allow him to somehow remember his past and to also look for other immortals as well.

There are two rival nations: the Republic of Uhra and the Kingdom of Gohtza. The former is building a very big and powerful magic engine which they call as the “Grand Staff” and the latter is doing magic research and is one the highly industrialized kingdoms as well.

After such time, the immortals, including Kaim, met each other and all of them regained their memories. Apparently, the immortals were assigned to be the watchers and protectors of a parallel universe.

After gaining their memories and seeing how the Grand Staff will be used for evil, Kaim and his party members are in a pursuit to stop and destroy the Grand Staff.

The Lost Odyssey is an Xbox 360 game console title that follows the traditional roots of RPG games. This game has a turn-based battle system and you can bring up to 5 characters in the battle at any time.

Every game is unique not only in plot but also in its game mechanics. What the Lost Odyssey brings to the table is their unique ring system.

The game calls this as the “Aim Ring System” and it is actually simple to understand. Every enemy has an element attribute. During any battle, you can replace any ring that has elemental properties to counter what the enemy’s elemental affinity is.

For example, if the enemy has a wind element affinity, you can equip a ring that has a fire element to it for more damage.

Another interesting game mechanic is the mortal and immortal system. In the game, you will party up with mortals and immortals.

The mortals have their skills and they can level up just like any other RPG game out there. The immortals, on the other hand, don’t level up and they don’t have skills with them.

In order for them to be potent in battle, the immortals have to “Link” themselves with a mortal to give him attributes as well as skills. Furthermore, immortals can also learn skills from rings that give certain ability traits.

The Lost Odyssey is one of the best RPG games and it is surprising to see that this game was released for the Xbox 360 game console.

Huawei Mate 8

Huawei has been consistent in their pursuit of bringing quality mobile phones to the market. Since the emergence of the Chinese mobile phone company into the mainstream, Google has actually collaborated with them to bring the Google Nexus 6p.

Armed with new knowledge about the Android operating system, has Huawei made a better than ever phone?

Today, we are going to talk about the Huawei Mate 8. This is considered to be Huawei’s latest flagship phone of 2016. So, does this phone deliver? Does this phone compete with other competitors such as that of iPhone and Samsung? We will find out.

I am happy with the design aspect of this phone. It has an all-metal chassis that really provides a premium look and feel. The back side of the phone provides good ergonomics and gripping the phone is no issue thanks to the curvature.

The Huawei Mate 8 is a little bit thick, though. It is 7.9mm thick but considering that it houses some impressive specs, it is understandable.

Huawei has been consistently creating good 1080p resolution mobile phones, and since the Google Nexus 6p was their first venture into putting a 1440p resolution in a mobile phone, many thought that they would bring that screen resolution into their newest flagship phone.

Unfortunately, the Huawei Mate 8 only comes with a 1080p resolution display with a pixel count of 368ppi. The JDI-NEO FHD screen, though, is surprisingly amazing. It is an iteration of the IPS panel display which provides excellent viewing angles and color reproduction. Although, it would’ve been great had Huawei put a QHD display, though.

Now since this is a flagship offering from Huawei, does it mean that it does have a very good camera? Last year when Huawei released the Google Nexus 6P, it has been revered as one of the best camera slapped in a mobile phone.

Although the specs on paper with the Huawei Mate 8’s camera is good, it hardly ever translates into real-world tests. You see, the Huawei Mate 8 comes with a 16-megapixel rear camera with an aperture of f/2.0 for very good low-light images. It also comes with the handy optical image stabilization and a 0.1 phase detection autofocus to really hone in on the thing or person you want to capture an image from.

The problem is that the camera still suffers from blurry images from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, the camera is mostly good. But, you do get those instances where the post-processing just doesn’t perform well.

The performance of the Huawei Mate 8 is really good. It comes with a new octa-core processor in the form of the Kirin 950. It is clocked at 4 cores 2.3GHz and the last four cores at 1.8GHz. It also comes with the Mali-T880 MP4 GPU and 3GB of RAM.

This new processor, Kirin 950, really bodes well among benchmark tests. It consistently bested other premium flagship mobile phones, including the iPhone 6s. This is a really impressive feat for the mobile phone company.

Lastly, it does have 4G LTE support which is a commonplace in flagship models. Make use of mobile phone signal boosters for unparalleled and uninterrupted data services.

The Huawei Mate 8 is a great mobile phone which is a little bit held back with its camera. However, everything else is really superb. Should you get the Huawei Mate 8? The short and definitive answer is yes.

ASUS F555LA-AB31 15.6-inch Full-HD Laptop

There are certain laptops out there that are made specifically for each one of our needs. Do you need a laptop for gaming? There are gaming laptops around. Do you need a laptop for all-around work such as making presentations and word documents? There are laptops for that as well.

Today, we’re going to be focusing on the latter. We are going to be looking at a laptop from a renowned computer components manufacturer, Asus. The Asus F555LA is a 15.6 Full HD laptop with crisp visuals and a spec sheet that will give you all the things you need for an all-around laptop.

This is no gaming laptop by any means, but it has enough power to create numerous presentations, or even watching movies on its crisp display.

Here are the product details for the Asus F555LA:

  • 15.6″ Full HD (1920*1080) provides more clarity and sharp visual experience on video, photo and games
  • Powerful 5th-generation Intel Core i3-5010U 2.1GHz, Broadwell.
  • 4GB RAM/ 500GB 5400RPM with DL DVD±RW/CD-RW.
  • Equipped WiFi 802.11ac. This is almost 3x faster than the typical 802.11n.
  • Feature 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x HDMI and VGA ports.
  • 1 year International Warranty with 1 year Accidental Damage Protection
  • Ergonomically designed keyboard with IceCool technology keeps the palm rest at a comfort temperature

Asus have been in the forefront when it comes to the cooling technology of their products. It is quite evident on their graphics cards lineup. The Asus F555LA also sports a unique cooling technology called IceCool.

What does the IceCool technology do? Well, other laptops get really hot on our palms if we use it for long periods of time. What this technology does is that it carefully reduces the heat produced on the palm area of the laptop. This is perfect, as I said, if you’re using this laptop for long sessions at a time.

This laptop also comes with Windows 10 64-bit pre-installed. Windows 10 is the newest OS from Microsoft and it is not only visually appealing, but the performance is very smooth as well.

The laptop is powered by the 5th generation Intel Core i3 processor, which is perfect for office demands such as creating spreadsheets, making compelling presentation, etc.

All of those taken into account, this laptop makes for a really good laptop for the price. What do customers have to say about this laptop?

AJ: “Great laptop for the money! I am an Apple guy but need a PC for school and was a little hesitant because of how cheap it was but I am very impressed with this computer. Feels and looks very well built and Windows 10 (my last windows experience was around a decade ago) is much more functional and user friendly. Definitely a good buy for someone who doesn’t need a super powerful computer but one for everyday use and still more than capable for most games, videos and streaming.”

Michael: “This is a great buy. I upgraded from a Sony Vaio which I will never buy again. This computer is high performing for the price. I upgraded the ram to 12 GB. The only complaint I have withe the unit is that I can’t myself upgrade the hard drive or replace the battery. If this was possible I would have given it 5 stars. It also carries a One year replacement warranty which adds to my satisfaction.”

The Asus F555LA is a great laptop if you want to have an all-around workstation on the go. This laptop costs $329.99.

R4 3DS Cards

The R4 3dS card has become very popular thanks to the wide range of features it offers for a relatively low price. Starting at just $10, the R4 DS is designed for the Nintendo DS and DS lite consoles, and allows you to add a micro sd memory chip for storage of files, later an SDHC version was released which allows you to store 32GB of data on a single chip, without the need for further expansion.

DSi and DSi XL console owners should choose the R4i SDHC card, as it allows you to store and playback media files on your console, without the need for an expensive third party media device.

The newest R4 3DS device works with the Nintendo 3DS and 3dS XL consoles, allowing you to playback and save in game progress, thanks to its support for real time saving or RTS.

There are several versions of the R4 available, including the R4i SDHC 3dS RTS, R4i SDHC dual core and R4i-SDHC.

Why an o2 Signal Booster May Be A Smart Move

If you have o2 and are looking for ways to improve your signal strength, then you are in luck. There are o2 signal boosters available for you to search through. However, with the problem of cost, it raises the question whether or not an o2 signal booster is the right choice. Lets take a look at three reasons why an o2 signal booster may be a smart move in your life.

1. You Do Not Have to Switch to a More Expensive Competitor

Many people use o2 because of its affordable rates and range of coverage. This coverage, like every other service provider’s coverage, will be stronger in some areas, and less strong in others. In your particular area, o2 coverage may be weak compared to the alternatives. The alternatives may be significantly costlier however. That is where o2 signal boosters come in. With either a small investment of money or time, you can increase your signal without having to change providers. The end result is that you save time and money.

2. You Increase the Connection In Your Own Home

The place where most people have difficulty finding a connection is when they are either at home, or away on holiday. Because we spend significantly more time at home then away, it makes sense that we invest in our home connection, especially if it is not as strong as it could be. That is why an increasing number of people with o2 are investing in an o2 signal booster. The booster has the same range as your router, and allows a much better signal in that area. Given that a router covers a large enough area in a house to be effective, most people see it as a way to increase their coverage when making important calls.

3. It May Not Even Cost You

Every provider has different options when it comes to boosting their signal strength. Some of these options cost money. Normally, options that cost money will be for hardware that is installed in your home by either the company or yourself. When it comes to o2, you have two choices. The first is hardware like Boostbox that costs money and will increase your signal strength. The other option is free software that is easy to install. Being free, why not give it a try? Until then, good luck increasing your signal strength with an o2 signal booster.


Various Individuals Might Benefit From a Cell Phone Reception Booster

You are able to take numerous methods to further improve cellphone reception power in the event that you happen to be going through bad reception. The principle difficulties that can refer to poor telephone reception include some form of obstruction leading to disturbance and distance from the closest tower. The range a transmission is actually obtained without having interruptions can be considerably increased if you’re using a range booster. There are numerous mobile phone signal boosters you actually could pick from.

It is recognized that cellular signal could become poor and also have to have a signal amplifier in the event that it must move across a structure or perhaps a mountain. With no signal amplifier the quality of reception could turn out to be thus negative you won’t ever actually end up being able to make a telephone call.
 Industry offers a couple of kinds of mobile phone signal boosters so that you must pick the best for you personally.

You’ll find boosters that are built to being utilized in properties. Mobile phone signal boosters are quite straightforward and easy devices to utilize. A unit will undoubtedly be put in outside. It’ll obtain the actual cellular phone impulses. Roof top, top of the wall structure – those include the main areas that are widely-used to set up most of these units. A signal amplifier can catch the reception and also transfer that to antenna that is inside. That helps make the reception significantly better. A range booster is likely to generally be perfect for individuals that are likely to be residing or perhaps doing work in the bigger properties that aren’t capable to access a powerful reception all the time, just like these areas that happen to be down below regular ground level.

If perhaps you are travelling a vehicle a good deal, there’s a different sort of enhancer. These kinds of mobile phone signal boosters are very beneficial. A portable range booster functions in an exceedingly comparable strategy to the actual in home based gadgets and arrives by having an outdoors antenna that is built to end up being attached to the roof top of the particular car. More overall flexibility is supplied by these types of mobile phone signal boosters since practically all of these are cordless.

It really is unattainable to find a person who wouldn’t enjoy being capable to contact along with his family in the event that he or she must. And mobile phone signal boosters is definitely the kind of technology which makes confident that you can do that. They are available on-line and so it is possible to quickly look at the features regarding all the mobile phone signal boosters, assess all of them and select the best quality and price rate.

If perhaps you have been looking to get a range booster, you will quickly realize that they’re distinct in their competencies to enhance the actual mobile phone signal. In addition, the costs for the particular signal amplifier can certainly vary quite a lot, so you genuinely wish to make certain that the actual device that you simply do choose to purchase is of high quality and capable to provide the preferred reception for the cellular phone.